The new year provides an opportunity for change and progress. This should extend to your car care habits. Start off 2020 with our list of the top 4 New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle.

4 Best Car Resolutions for 2020

Stick to this list of car-related New Year’s resolutions to start off 2020 right:

  • Regular auto maintenance — Keep your vehicle running smoothly this new year by sticking to a regular auto maintenance schedule. Start this off with a service appointment in the beginning of January, and track your maintenance schedule from there. The core car services you need to remember include the following:
    • Oil change
    • Tire rotation and replacement if needed
    • Tire pressure checks and reinflation
    • Wiper blade replacement and wiper fluid refill
    • Brake check and brake pad replacement if needed
    • Battery test and replacement if needed
    • Headlight check and replacement if needed
  • Car wash and interior cleaning — It’s easy to forget how good it can feel to drive a clean, fresh car. Experience this feeling at the start of the year by getting your car washed, including a deep clean of the interior. This means getting the cabin vacuumed and scrubbed.
  • Detailing — Your vehicle can go through a lot of aesthetic wear and tear over the course of the year. Make sure your car looks good inside and out with a detailing job for the new year.
  • Save for your next vehicle — It’s important to think ahead and be prepared for when you need to purchase your next vehicle. Start putting away money every month now so you can get the car you want. And if you buy used, you can enjoy big savings. For example, a new car’s value can depreciate by approximately 40% over the course of just 5 years. This means that you could buy a high-quality 5-year-old vehicle at nearly half the price of buying it new.

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