Buying a used car will save you thousands and may even allow you to explore models you couldn’t afford new. Before you make the investment, read this guide to help you test drive your next car with confidence. 

4 Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

Complete a visual inspection

Before you request the keys, look at the car with a critical eye. How well was this vehicle maintained? Are there any scratches or dents to the exterior? How are the tire treads? Is anything leaking or hanging down from the undercarriage? Do the seats smell like cigarette smoke or have tears in the upholstery? 

Taking a few moments before a test drive to look for damages can save you the headache of falling in love with a car that has obviously been poorly maintained. 

Check every feature

The price of the car should reflect the quality and functionality of its features. Check to see that every feature works as advertised. Everything from the sound system to the heated seats and even the USB ports adds value to the car, so be sure to report any discrepancies so that repairs can be made or the price can be adjusted. 

To check for more vital discrepancies, turn off the air conditioning and radio from time to time as you drive so you can hear how the car is functioning. Take note of odd sounds or smells coming from the engine so you can bring them up with your mechanic.

Make yourself comfortable

A car is a major investment, so take the time you need to feel confident that what you choose matches your taste, your comfort, and your lifestyle. Take a moment to adjust the seat to fit your body. Set the radio station to your favorite music. Drive the car as if you own it. Even if it’s a great car in excellent condition, feel free to walk away if it just doesn’t feel right for you. 

Do your due diligence

If you’re confident that you’ve found the right car, do yourself a favor and invest in a full inspection by an independent mechanic. Bring any questions or concerns you may have from your test drive or from the vehicle history report. Allow someone with an objective eye to speak into the purchase and ensure there are no red flags you may have missed.

Test Drive a Used Car in Goldsboro, NC

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