There are few purchases in life more exciting than a shiny new car. And yet, the overwhelming majority of car purchases remain used vehicles. Cost is of course a factor, but is it steering people toward used car purchases all by itself?


Below are a few key reasons why car shoppers prefer to buy used instead of new, and why you might consider doing the same. 


Less Money 

In most cases a used car costs less upfront than a new one. But the savings go beyond just the sticker price. Used cars are also more affordable to insure and can even be cheaper to register.


More Drive for Your Dough

One of the reasons used cars are so attractive is that you can get so much more bang for your buck on the used lot. A higher-end luxury car, like a BMW or an Audi, that’s just a few years old can cost less than a brand-new no-frills, factory stock car. In terms of options, accessories, and upgrades, most budgets will stretch further with a used vehicle than a brand-new one. 


Greater Selection

New car lots are limited to the models put out within the last couple of years, and typically confined to just one manufacturer brand. 


But used car inventories feature all types of makes and models dating back many years and are highlighted by an assortment of colors, customizations, and other differences. 


Proven Reputations

Some people take a wait-and-see approach before buying new smartphones, computers, and other technology. Letting other people buy first to see what the verdict is before investing your own money can prevent unwanted surprises.


It’s one of the reasons some people prefer to buy used cars instead of new ones. On a used car lot, you already know which vehicles have earned solid reputations and which ones you may wish to avoid. With a new car, you’re the one conducting the experiment. 


A Narrowing Quality Gap

There used to be a considerable difference in quality between new and used vehicles. But with certified pre-owned programs coupled with how far automobiles have come with reliable long-term durability, the difference in safety, technology, and performance between a brand-new car and one that is a few years old is negligible at best. 


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