When it’s time to invest in a new vehicle, many people like to shop for used models in hopes of saving some money. However, there’s more benefits to buying vehicles used than just saving a few extra bucks. When you shop with a reputable dealership like Matthews Motors Goldsboro, you’re in good hands. Read on to find out more about why buying used vehicles from a dealership like ours helps you.

  1.       With Used Vehicles, You Can Get Quality For A Bargain

One of the biggest perks of buying used cars is that they’re much, much easier on your bank account than new ones. When browsing for used cars, you’re often able to find an affordable vehicle with very low mileage that’s only a couple of years old. As a result, you may be able to get a car that drives like it just rolled off the assembly line, but for only a fraction of its regular price. What’s more, we at Matthews Motors let you trade in your previous vehicle for an even better deal. We always have a wide variety of used cars available, so shop with us if you’re in need of a quality used vehicle.

  1.       You Have Access To A Used Vehicle’s History When You Work With A Dealership

When you purchase a used vehicle from a trusted dealership such as ours, you get access to a full vehicle history report. This lets you learn about every crucial aspect of the vehicle’s history — a very important matter if the vehicle’s been in any prior accidents. Additionally, when you buy a used car from a few years ago, there are usually more reviews and analyses about the car online and in print, so you’ll have a better understanding of the quality of your chosen vehicle.

  1.       Many Dealerships (Like Ours) Feature Certified Pre-Owned Options

A lot of car dealerships, such as ours, offer certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles alongside the rest of their inventory. CPO cars not only come with better warranties, but also additional perks and benefits (like free roadside assistance) with no additional fees. You’ll never find such deals when you buy from private sellers. We offer an impressive range of certified pre-owned vehicles at Matthews Motors Goldsboro, and our knowledgeable and accommodating financial team members are always willing and able to arrange a payment plan that works for you.


Shop Used Vehicles at Matthews Motors Goldsboro

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