Shopping for a used car, particularly those under a certain price point, can be a fun experience — but it also requires some due diligence. You need to do your homework and conduct research to ensure you’re truly getting the best deal. You also need to find a reputable car dealer within your area. Fortunately, if you live in or around Goldsboro, North Carolina, you can turn to Matthews Motors Goldsboro.


At our used car dealership, you’ll find a wide range of affordable cars for sale, all under $15,000. We have vehicles of all makes and models available at our dealership, just waiting to be sold. We’ve put together this list of three things to look for when buying an affordable car.

Reasonably Low Mileage

Modern cars are designed to last a very long time, even with tens or hundreds of thousands of miles on them. Despite this, you ideally want a vehicle that has lower mileage on it to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible. Just remember that the lower the mileage, the more expensive the vehicle may be.

Clean Vehicle History

When you buy a used vehicle, you need to carefully inspect its history. Look at how many owners it’s had. Find out whether or not it’s been in any accidents or undergone major repairs. This will affect its overall performance and even its lifespan, so reviewing the vehicle history is an absolute must.

Driving Experience

Before you purchase any kind of car (new or used), you want to take it for a test drive. This is one of the best ways to determine if it’s right for you. Test driving a vehicle will let you get a real feel for how it performs and whether anything is “off.” A reputable dealership, such as Matthews Motors Goldsboro, will gladly let you test drive a used vehicle prior to purchasing.

Shop Affordable Cars in Goldsboro, NC 

Are you ready to buy a high-quality and affordable used vehicle? Then make sure to contact us at Matthews Motors today to find out how we can get you started on the process.