At Matthews Motors Goldsboro, we’re proud to feature an extensive lineup of used and certified pre-owned vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. For the budget-conscious shopper, a used vehicle can be an excellent option. However, before you buy, you’ll want to look at how many previous owners it’s had before you. 

Benefits of CARFAX One-Owner Cars

While shopping for a used vehicle, it’s important to consider how many owners it has had over the years. Ideally, you’ll want to check out the CARFAX Vehicle Report and look for one-owner vehicles. Below, we’ll review just some of the benefits of choosing a CARFAX one-owner car.

More accurate maintenance history

Different drivers take varied approaches when it comes to vehicle upkeep and maintenance, and unfortunately, not everyone takes the best care of their car. If you buy a car that has had several previous owners, then there is a higher chance that one of those owners has engaged in poor maintenance or driving habits.

Less usage

From a psychological standpoint, it may be more comforting and reassuring knowing that only one other person has driven your vehicle besides yourself. If you purchase a vehicle that’s been passed from owner to owner, then it may feel more used and seasoned than a one-owner car.

Easier to figure out problems

As we mentioned previously, everyone treats their vehicle differently. If you purchase a car that’s been owned by several people, and a problem arises, there’s a chance that every little thing wasn’t documented. On the other hand, a vehicle with only one previous owner — and the CARFAX stamp of approval — makes it easier to ascertain a more accurate history, so you know what you’re getting without any surprises.

Shop Used Cars For Sale in Goldsboro, NC

If you live in the greater Goldsboro, North Carolina, region and you’re looking for a reliable used vehicle, then we recommend checking out Matthews Motors Goldsboro. We carry plenty of CARFAX One-Owner Vehicles, and the rest of our inventory is properly vetted to ensure our rigorous standards for quality are met. Visit us for a test drive soon.