Keeping the kids entertained all summer can feel overwhelming. Here are three simple car activities to try with your family this summer.

Summer Car Activities

Teach Your Kids How to Wash the Car

Scrubbing down your car while getting drenched by the hose in your child’s hands can be a great way to enjoy a summer afternoon. Not only will you be able to enjoy a clean car after finishing, your child will learn a valuable life skill which will help him years down the road. Washing your car can also bring some much needed reprieve from the summer heat.

Just grab a couple of sponges, a mild soap free from detergents, a bucket or two, and a watering hose to get started. Be sure to only use car-safe materials to avoid scratching the paint on your car.

Take Nap Time Somewhere Else

There’s no reason you should feel cooped up inside on a pretty afternoon while your younger children nap. Pack a blanket, pillow, and a favorite stuffed animal and drive to somewhere quiet like a state park. Create a self-serve snack station for your older kids to enjoy while your little one sleeps peacefully in the car. Simply recline the rear seats to create a comfortable bed and be sure to open all the doors or windows to keep the cabin cool. Then sit up in the front seat or on the tailgate with your favorite book and enjoy a quiet afternoon outdoors.

Give Stargazing a Try

If you’ve never tried stargazing but have a wide, panoramic sunroof then this is the perfect car activity for you.

Local weather stations frequently post when the next meteor shower or galactic event is expected to take place. Download a few stargazing apps and head out of the brightly lit city. Then simply recline the seats, open up the sunroof, and enjoy the view.

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