For many of us, the holiday season is an opportunity to travel. Whether you’re hitting the road to visit family, reconnect with friends, or simply depart for a warmer climate, you’ll want to make sure your trip is as safe and smooth as possible. Our road trip checklist can set you in the right direction.


Preparing for a Holiday Road Trip


  •   Take care of your regular maintenance needs. Regular maintenance is essential both for keeping your car safe and for ensuring it functions optimally. If you’re behind on your auto servicing, make an appointment to have your oil changed, tires rotated, brakes inspected, and more.
  •   Pack safety essentials. Even the most careful of drivers can end up in an accident or experience automotive failure. Be prepared with some extra blankets, flares, a flashlight, a First Aid kit, and perhaps a stash of extra snacks.
  •   Know your route. Even in the age of GPS, it’s good to check a map before you hit the road for a long trip. You may wish to plan your departure time around heavily congested areas, or even consider alternate routes if it looks like you might encounter nasty weather.
  •   Get phone accessories. You’ll definitely be using your phone to navigate and to keep your family entertained, so be sure you have all the necessary gear. Charging cords and hands-free mounts are especially important.
  •   Load up on snacks. Naturally, you’ll want to keep stops and delays to a minimum. One way you can do that is by stocking up on plenty of snacks. Think granola bars, cereal, and perhaps even a few baked Christmas goodies.


With these basic steps, you should be off to a good start with your holiday road trip. Don’t forget: If you need to schedule service, make sure you reach out to a trusted service center with skilled technicians.


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