Buying your teenager their first car is a big deal, and leaves them quite a significant responsibility. The big question is: which kind of car is best for them? Generally, teenagers start off with a used car as their first vehicle due to their affordability. However, in addition to cost, you’ll want to assess other factors, such as reliability, safety, and handling.


With so many options out there, the car-buying process for a teen can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of recommended used car options for teen drivers.

Jeep Patriot

A teen’s first car doesn’t have to be a compact sedan. They may want something a little more adventure-ready. That’s where the Jeep Patriot comes in. This rough and tough SUV is built to last a long time, and with its exceptional handling and high safety rating, you can rest assured knowing your teen will be protected while on the road. This spacious SUV is also great for teens who like to take weekend trips with friends, whether it’s up into the mountains or down to the beach.

Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa sedan is the perfect daily driver for teens who need a car to travel to work and school. Its excellent gas mileage means they won’t need to stop to refuel frequently, and the smooth and relaxed ride will make their commute much more comfortable. Nissan vehicles are reliable and very low maintenance, so taking care of the Versa is easy for any new driver to handle.

Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai cars are underrated gems that are starting to get the appreciation they truly deserve. The Hyundai Elantra is a great commuter vehicle not just for teen drivers, but anyone who finds themselves making regular trips, long or short, to get where they need to go. Fantastic safety ratings, impressive performance, intuitive handling, and a sleek and polished exterior make this car ideal for teen drivers who want something reliable, but stylish.

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