Car spring cleaning is on your to-do list around this time every year and this winter you’ve been thinking about getting a newer vehicle. The basic spring car cleaning list is really the same whether you’re selling or preparing for summer, but there are a few extras to do when you want to make the best first impression with a buyer or dealer.

How to Give Your Car a Spring Cleaning

Wash and detail your vehicle inside and out

Salt and other types of de-icing solutions build up under the car and in wheel wells, making the frame and exhaust and muffler system susceptible to corrosion. A car wash cleans spots you cannot reach under the car.

De-icer also joins mud and muck on your floor mats inside the car, so it’s ideal to wash them after vacuuming. It’s also a good time to be nitpicky about the interior. Have it professionally detailed or detail it yourself with these clever car cleaning tips.

Fix scratches and dings with touch-up paint

You’ll notice any surface damage to the car after washing and waxing it, so touch-ups will be easy. 

Check your lights, bulbs and headlamps

Lights and bulbs are easy and inexpensive to replace. A cleaning kit or toothpaste will give your headlamps new life and make night travel much safer.

Replace windshield wipers and fix chips or cracks

Your wipers have probably become brittle and cracked over the winter. When you replace them and clean the windshield, inspect it for windshield damage. This might not affect your car’s value, but it will improve the first impression of a buyer or dealer.

Check and change your tires

It’s time to swap sets if you have winter tires. However, you might wait to buy a new set if your tires have enough tread to be safe and you’re considering selling. Use this coin trick to measure tread or visit a tire shop.

Check fluid levels and fill if needed

Oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid should be checked and filled if low. Most service centers check all fluid levels with an oil change if you’re not a do-it-yourself type.

Inspect the ventilation system and filter

Blast the air conditioner to ensure it works. Then, replace the cabin filter to keep dust and pollen outside.

Have Your Clean Car Appraised in Goldsboro

Now that your vehicle looks great, the Matthews Motors Goldsboro crew can help you evaluate its value and trade up. Use our online trade-in tool, contact us, or come in to talk about your options.